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Finding the best dating app in India or in your country? today I will tell top Best dating app you can use it for free. It will both available on App store and Android many people try to find many dating apps but they get bots or none of them replies so I will tell some tips and tricks. If you want to make some new friends or finding a special person so here are some Dating apps .


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So the first one always is the Tinder app which is worth 100 billion $ company. You can download this tinder dating app on your app store as well as on play store. You can simply make your account via Facebook or you can use your mobile number to create your account then you have to set a profile picture which is necessary for your pictures you will get your matches by your pictures everyone swipe right because of the face. Set your perfect camera clicked photos, then you have to write a perfect bio don’t write cheesy lines like your self or “swipe right to know more” write a perfect bio so a person can understand.

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Bumble App

Bumble dating app is a perfect dating app for the present it is in the new trend people are using this. And it is same as tinder app you just simply make an account and you have to swipe left and right it is up to you. This app is in trend even I use it too. If you think you won’t get a match to wait for a week use the app every day. It has many features too. It may be not like as tinder app is but you can try this.


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Happn App

This app is for Indians this dating app is pretty good if you travel a lot. Because where ever you go somewhere and whenever someone gets crossed by you and this app is with him/she too and if you tap on the cross path on the app that notification will be gone to that person that you have crossed path with him/her. You may find it boring but if you travel a lot then you can use the dating app.

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Tantan App

This was the best app among Happn and Bumble it works pretty well this app got viral in few time. I personally used this app and got many matches from Tantan. the same procedure as the tinder has simply make an account and set photos and swipe right or left. You may get a match in seconds if you have a great personality.

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