PUBG Mobile Snow Map Out Now

The wait is over millions of PUBG Mobile and other gaming console user’s was excited for the new PUBG update which has been released today 18th December 2018 on Mobile and it may be released on other gaming consoles. The Update brings  New Vikendi Snow Map you can now download on your Google Play Store as well as on ios App store

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PUBG Snow Map

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)is now the King of the games it has become the best game and popular game on the Mobile as well as Xbox and ps4. PUBG has now bought a big update today for their users many of us awaited for this update which we are now satisfied that the Pubg has bought the snow Map for us named Vikendi the Snow Map won’t be the limited time it will be the permanent 4th map of Pubg. And the snow map also now available on PC, Xbox, Ps4.

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It has been officially announced that while the PUBG Mobile update will come on 18th December and the PC players will get the update on 19th December. And the other Gaming consoles such as Ps4, Xbox the update will be released on January 2019

New Features for PUBG Vikendi Snow Map:

So Vikendi is a 6Km by 6Km snow map they have added a Snow theme to the main menu where you start the Battle. Arabians and other people who know the Arabic language is now supported to PUBG Moblie. You can now play cross-server matchmaking on Mobile players can now report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying means you can report if you got bugs while playing and died then you can report it. they had added Firearms Finish Upgrade system and lastly, they had added Season spending rewards. In the waiting area, you were given apples to throw now you will be given Snowballs to throw. Vikendi is a Spawn Island like an Erangel Map which is a little bit bigger than Snow map.

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