How to Set Up Alexa? | Explained Alexa Setup

Hey there! don’t know how to set up Alexa? No problem I will tell you to step by step about how you can set up Alexa. Alexa is an AI technology which you can ask anything with voice and ask Alexa to do your things from Alexa support devices like you can ask Alexa to turn up the lights or etc. Let’s start the step by step tutorial.

Alexa Setup-

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You must be given Alexa, its charger, USB cable, and instruction book you will find a shortcut car where you will get some commands which you can ask from Alexa after setting up.

On Alexa, you will find 4 buttons on the tops of the Alexa one which you see a dot that is action button, on opposite of action button you will find a microphone button with which you can turn off the microphone and on the other side you will get volume up and down buttons on Alexa dot as well as other  Alexa devices.


Now you have to download the Alexa app you can find on Alexa app for Android as well as on ios devices. After installing the Amazon Alexa app on your devices you have to plugin the Alexa adapter and connect with Alexa after connecting the USB on Alexa it will glow with blue color around the edges of Alexa Device that means it is charging. And then it will sound like after a few seconds “Hello? Your Amazon Alexa is ready to set up just follow instructions on Alexa app”

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Now put the Alexa aside and open the app. If you have already the Amazon account you can sign in or you can just sign up with a new account after signing in it will Welcome you to the app and click continue to accept their terms & conditions.

Then you can customize the Alexa click on customize and click on set up a new device then select which Amazon Echo model you have then it will ask for your language you can change the language according to your self. It will say “Begin Echo Dot Setup” select connect to wifi.

On your Alexa device, you will see the Orange light after few seconds syncing upon edges click on continue button when you click the continue button then the orange light will sync on the edges of Amazon Alexa.

On ios devices follow the screen which they ask you to turn on (go to wifi settings-Click on Amazon it will appear on wifi setting of ios device) then it will be connected to Amazon Alexa your Echo will sound like( You have connected to echo dot).

Go back to Alexa app it will show you connected to Echo dot click on continue then select the wifi network which you use, put the password of your wifi and hit on connect then it will show it will be preparing your Echo dot it will load on your screen click on continue.

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It will ask you how you want to use your echo dot you can connect it via Bluetooth, Audio cable or no speakers. Click on Bluetooth then it will search the echo device or you can go to Bluetooth settings and connect to Alexa device it will get connected to the Echo. Go back to Alexa app and it will show you a small video you can skip it up.  And this methods works with Android devices too.

Now you can talk with Alexa by saying “Alexa what time is it or whatever question will just say Alexa before asking anything.

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Enjoy Peace✌️.

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