PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.0 is Live | New Snow Map | Weapon | Vehicle

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Update

playerunknown’s battlegrounds update 0.10 is live now on Mobile as well you can check out the trailer on Instagram as well as Youtube. PUBG soon releasing an update 0.10 for PS4 and Xbox soon in December which is near. 

Let’s discuss the trailer, As you watched the trailer above it has been confirmed that the Vikendi Snow Map will be released on all of the compatible devices and which Officially name the Snow Map as Vikendi and in some days test version of Vikendi Snow Map will also come soon on PUBG Mobile. May I tell you PUBG Mobile had launched PUBG Mobile beta version Update 10.0 which has been leaked. When you will go to Team Recruitment then there will be one more extra map like Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok as well as a new map Vikendi that you will be going to see. Now you have seen the Vikendi Map and now it has been confirmed that the Snow Map will be releasing on PUBG Mobile, but the question is when it will going to release between Christmas from my opinion it will gonna release between 22,23 or 24th December or till New Year. And as the Winter is on so there is 100% chance the snow map will release in Update 0.10. The Snow Map Vikendi for PC is releasing on 20th December and chances are there that for PUBG Mobile after the update for PC, You may get Update in between 10-15 days. You will get many skins in a new update like new skins, Scooter, Royal Elite pass, and new Christmas clothes and skins you will be getting the new weapon MK47 which needs 7.62 bullets to load and it is an AR gun.

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You can download PUBG Mobile Beta on Playstore which you will get to play the upcoming update before, even the Beta version of PUBG Mobile is coming soon. You can also check my previous posts about upcoming PUBG Updates by clicking on the above link.

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Vikendi Map

There is Laser light Attached to the MK47 Mutant rifle for accurate shots. There is Improvement in the game like chatting with your teammate and made it more smooth. We didn’t get much information about this update what has added in it like it may get added more vehicle like snow car and more weapons now let’s see what features will be added in the Update. That pretty much it, for now, Stay tuned with Us comment down below about your opinion what feature you think will gonna add. Peace✌️


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