PUBG Latest News: Venezia Map Rumour Update

As you read the heading PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is launching a new map Venezia which is in Italy. PUBG recently sneaked the snow map on Instagram as well as other social platforms which we get Snow Map and some other new items will be added in update between December and January.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground creator IamEzalor user of Reddit is working on a new map called “Venezia”. The map was revealed in an official Reddit account. Let’s see if the new map is coming in the future or not. Venice is a city in Italy which has canals and bridges and small islands. The Map is looking stunning which has locations like Mariwa, Castle, Harbor.

The New update of PUBG includes new vehicles such as Aquarail, Bicycle, Vespa and some new weapons too like Beretta ARX 160 It is an Assault Rifle, Benelli M4 shotgun, HK-911 (A underwater pistol), C4 Explosive Charge

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Whenever we get confirmation about this update we will inform soon till then stay tuned with Technomirror.

In replace of Red zone, there will be a UAV Drone which will reveal the location of the players outside of the zone. which it shall be more killer than the red zone. The Venezia Map also reveals an underwater gun which you can use it Underwater if the developers of the PlayerUnkown’s Battleground gives it a green signal

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New Map Venezia

The Venezia Map shall have less infrastructure and buildings the PUBG player will get more excited to play in new map Venezia the pro gamers will get more challenge which will be cool for them. PUBG is becoming more famous than before it was it is improving day by day which they are getting more achievement in their work.

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