Google Home Hub Vs Amazon Echo Show

Today we have a comparison between Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation. Amazon Echo show has 10.1 Inch screen and 1280*800 resolution while Google Home Hub has a 7 Inch 1024*600 resolution, they got their built-in speaker over the back side and Google Home Hub has a modern size speaker and Amazon Echo show has the massive speakers like old age look speaker. Google Home Hub has pretty good loud sound and one the other hand Amazon Echo Show has the loudest way better against Google Home Hub. Then if we talk about both of their price the Google Home hub is for $149 and Echo Show 2 Gen is for $229.99 Google can answer all of your questions you ask for and ready to give his best and if you ask a similar question for e.g. If you ask what time is it in the U.S.A and Google Home Hub will respond to you when you ask on what temperature is it there the google will answer it but on the other hand if you ask the same from Amazon Echo Show what time is it in U.S.A it will respond it to you and then if you ask what temperature is there but now Echo won’t respond because in this feature Google Home Hub wins.

Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation , Google Home
Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen

On Google Home Hub you can tap on the screen and see all your upcoming calendar events and weather and stuff and either you can ask it on the other hand if you tap on the screen of Echo Show you have to ask.

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You can ask both devices to switch your lights off both of them has the same feature as if any of your any gadget support Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub you can ask them to switch on and off. And if you want to use the screen simply swipe the screen down of Google Home Hub screen for accessing the information and controls out there and this feature also has in Echo Show.

Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation , Google Home
Google Home Hub

If I ask Google Home Hub to show my Pictures it will gonna show it but Echo show I think it doesn’t show it, to be honest, the good part is Amazon offers to use apps like Google even you can stream videos on Amazon Echo Show but on the other hand Google will not be able to stream videos you may use Youtube instead but Amazon Echo Show can’t access youtube app but you can see youtube by just asking out (Alexa, Open youtube) it will gonna open youtube on Google Browser.

If you want to view media or anything related to it you can go buy Amazon Echo Show it has a bigger screen than Google Home Hub and louder then the Google Home.

Google Home Hub, Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen
Google Home Hub (back speaker)
Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen, Google Home Hub
Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation (back speaker)








The Amazon Echo Show has a built-in camera you can video chat with whom they have Echo show and with Echo Spot and the Google Home Hub doesn’t have a built-in camera it has the ambient light sensor with this you can able to control the brightness and the color temperature. Even the Google Home Hub can support games supporting to it if you have kids in the home they can play the games it is cool for the kids the game may be like the game will ask something kids have to answer to it and the Amazon Echo Show also have gaming same as Google Home Hub.


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