PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Season 4 Releasing Today: Latest Features, New Royal Pass and more

PUBG Mobile season 4 will be released today November 20th as it was expected and said in my this post.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds known as PUBG has become the world most popular in sort in the online gaming. The Season Pass3 was not that worth and it has ended today and Today, November 20th PUBG Mobile season 4 will be launched for all users. Every user will start with a new slate and will have the opportunity to rise through the ranks.

Pubg scooter

PUBG Mobile Season 4: Royal Pass

Pubg Mobile season 4 will be coming with a new Royal Pass for the new season which you will get weekly challenges with up to 100 RP level. And it will cross 100 level Players will also get special rewards along with access to some unlocked items it is as same as season 3 was there will also be Elite pass and Elite Plus

PUBG Mobile Season 4, PUBG Mobile Update

PUBG Mobile Season 4: Latest Features

PUBG Mobile has been added some more new features along with Season 4 and you can now access M762 automatic rifle it is available in all Maps. The had added a new vehicle which is Scooter in Sanhok map, they had added new dynamic weather in Sanhok map which every Mobile user can experience new dynamic weather and you can experience hardcore mode to provide the same experience as PC in Season4 they include new backpacks, new parachute menus airplane and more. as you seen dynamic weather on PC now you will experience more same as PC version on your mobile devices. All the season 4 and latest features will be launching today 20th November 2018

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PUBG Mobile is improving day by day because in Season 3 many Android users and even Ios users were getting Lacks in the PUBG Mobile and has expected to not see in future there were many glitches between it and many PUBG Mobile users is expecting to get good quality from it if the PUBG company wants to sit in Mobile Gaming they have to work on lacking and fix which many users are expecting to get in Season 4. PUBG Mobile has been crossed 100 Million downloads from google play store alone and even Millions of ios users also playing on their ios devices. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is been expected to be connected with all smartphones by the November 21.

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