How To Make Money Online For Free | Without Any Investment

There are tons of companies which pays you for your unique knowledge. In today’s blog, I will gonna tell you real companies which will pay you according to your work and you can earn money online without investment it is for the students also who just wanna do as a part-time.

You will just need a Computer or a smartphone and internet connection. There are many people who want to earn money online and got many fake companies and fraud ones who used them and take advantage of people and never get paid to them. In this article, if you found it helpful and got a good information about it please share this article with your friends family and others who want to know the correct way of earning online. In this method, it doesn’t matter where you are sitting at. So let’s start how to earn money online without paying anything

1. Blogging

As you can read the heading you shall hear about Blogging it is a very popular earning platform here you just have to give the knowledge about what you really know about for e.g.- Food recipes, Clothing, Technologies. Find a niche on which you want to give knowledge, many people want to know about on which they want to Google Blogger or WordPress, so if they are beginners and know little knowledge about blogging and don’t want to spend anything they can start their blog on Google Blogger, Google provides free tools for his users. It is simply to make an account on Google blogger just like you make an account on Facebook then find a niche on your interest, add at least 20 blog posts so google can approve your Adsense account connect your Adsense with your Google Blogger. If you are interested in blogging comment down below. I will make articles on Blogging, let’s move on to the next one.

2. YouTube

If you want an adventure and want to earn money online with enjoy, it is similar to blogging but you don’t have to write you have to make videos on the same knowledge and post it to YouTube and connect with Adsense but before connecting to Adsense you must read their guidelines before you get strikes on your YouTube channel or even Blog. You just have to make videos on which people want to know about. YouTube also provides free to earn money in return with your videos. You can make videos like if have talent you can act something which you can make people like your videos.

3. Freelancing


Not interested in making videos and blogging? no worries On Freelancing you can do lots of things like if you are a graphic designer or logo designer you can post your inquiries about your profession and whoever wants to hire you they will contact you and in Freelancing, you can set the price according to your work. Quickly make your account if you are good at something there are tons of categories for you on which you can choose and add your inquiries about your profession. Ask some of your relatives and friends to give you ratings so soon you shall get your first work. There are many freelancers earn in India.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Now, If you have a good audience on Facebook or any other page or platform you can start Affiliate marketing on your page or website. There many Affiliate marketing companies who pay you for sharing the product link and they will give some percent of the money, what you have to do in affiliate marketing just make an account on any shopping site who has affiliate marketing option if you are under age ask parents to give pan card detail to fill up the account. After that that Affiliate market will give you a link which you have to paste on which you have an audience when any person goes to that link and purchase the item, you will get some percentage of the money.


so this was it how you can earn money online from home without investment. Stay away from fraud companies stay away from fake companies who just take advantages of you there is nothing after these earning methods if any other is there they will just do for your trust building first then after it they will just use you and you will quite them. These earning options are for everyone and even for students and senior citizens also these are the future where you will find useful.

Please share it with your friends, family, and relatives if you really found it useful. And comment down below if you want to ask anything or have any inquiry.


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