PUBG For PS4 Has Been Leaked Release Date On Amazon

A listing for “Player Unknown Battlegrounds – PlayStation 4” has appeared on Amazon. PUBG PS4 has long been rumored and hoped by fans of the game. The release is unconfirmed by Sony or PUBG Corp,

The Amazon leaked PUBG PS4 release date days when it was reported that PUBG PS4 was expected for an early launch in December. The Amazon had listed PUBG Ps4 for a release date of 8th of December. It makes sense that the Game Awards 2018 where the PUBG had a presence in past years. This would make PUBG finally available on PS4after being available on PC and Xbox One. I think graphic of the PUBG PS4 will be a difference because it will be a different version from other consoles gaming version.

If PUBG PS4 borrows any of its design considering that PUBG corporation works closely with PUBG Mobile maker Tencent Lets see according to leak date on December 8th.

Members of video gaming forum ResetEra noticed a post from October in separate PlayStation Forum PSNProfiles, whereas user claimed that PUBG was in their PS4’s game database.


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