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Details which we are giving according to our current information today I will gonna tell about upcoming playerunknown’s battlegrounds  updates and if some features will gonna add or remove there will be not fault from us we will provide information that we got us

Let’s see what we are going to get in upcoming updates

I will tell you the highlights of the upcoming features of pubg because detail get change from time to time and the Chinese version and the global version gets very different in it when the update comes

The very first update we will get

1. Pubg 0.9.5 update

It is not confirmed that 0.9.5 update is going to release or will release but i think it will gonna release from my opinion. In this update Season 3 is soon going to end on November 18th, 2018 and in the time of November we shall get pubg 0.9.5 update like we got season 3 in 0.7.5 update likewise we shall get season 4 in 0.9.5 update as you know according to season we are going to get new outfits, new rewards, new challenges and more new things we will gonna see in season 4. We may get this update on 20th or 21 November 2018 if we talk about the game improvement we may get new settings where we change color mode or where we change SDR that side we will get an option Film Style you can make the game like a movie style and you can feel like a movie and can give a film style to your game, I’m not confirmed that 0.9.5 will gonna release let’s move to another update.


2. Pubg 0.10 update

The Pubg 0.10 update is also in beta testing in China and in 0.10 update the had added more features in it let’s talk about the first new feature which they will add in 0.10 so they will add BEYRL M762 AR Assult Rifle it is same as Akm and little bit better than Akm the BEYRL M762 AR Assult Rifle load 7.62 bullets and in 0.10 update you will see a Scooter in the vehicle and can be usable and had Autumn Zone/Theme you will feel autumn feel in it and has Dynamic Rainy Whether in the 0.10 update you can play in Rainy weather also. This update we will get to see in MID December you will get to see graphical improvement so it is the major feature that is going to get in 0.10 update now Let’s talk about 0.11 update


3. Pubg 0.11 update

If I talk about 0.11 update is not confirmed nor there is no testing nor there is any news regarding 0.11 update but we can expect we shall get a new Map I think we can see Snow Map in this 0.11 update, expectations are there because it is winter’s time. We got a pubg snow map trailer on the pc version they sneaked that Snow Map will soon be going to release in 2018 maybe the update will release on Pc first in Mid December and then we shall get this update on mobile in January the Map will be larger than Sanhok and smaller than Miramar I think 6*6 will be its size. We will see this update NEXT YEAR JAN 2019  we will get to know about the snow map according to time. Let’s talk about 0.12 update


4. Pubg 0.12 update

This update is also expected that it will gonna release or not but my expectations from 0.12 are we may get zombie mode in this update, the zombie mode has been released on Pc already. We shall get Zombie Mode in Pubg mobile in Arcade Mode.

Note: Again I am requesting you these are expected we got this current information according to google.

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