7 SHOULD have iPhone Xs & iPhone Xs Max Accessories !

Hey, Guys Today I’m gonna tell you 7 should have accessories for the iPhone Xs & iPhone Xs Max for you.

Let’s Get Started


1. EarPods

The Ear pods are getting extremely popular. Where ever I go or in the gym I mostly see people with them but you won’t see them with customized ear pods like the ones from colorware.

Now if you don’t know about colorware it’s the shopping site where you can buy every customized gadget skins or you can create on your own they got some very cool stuff. You can go to there website and pick the gear you want and can change customize the color you want from solid color to metallic color and you can buy from all over the world no matter where you are.


2. BeatsX

If you want to replace the ear pods with the BeatsX for the daily basis then the BeatsX is very convenient it also have W1 chip which makes them pairing super easy between some devices so really good stuff. I personally like it because it is very comfortable and the bass of the BeatsX is very good quality and the neckband is very good quality because it makes the ear bullets in your ears so you can jog with it you can do gym it would not come off from its place. The Beats x price is Rs. 14,760 on Amazon India if you care about the price you can get Beats x on headphonezone.in. which is cheaper than on Amazon


3. Sony 1000xm3


If you don’t want earbuds and you want some more sound headphones I HIGHLY recommend the Sony 1000xm3. These are the awesome pairs headphones that have the great or even the great noise canceling on the market right now and the ton of other features it’s lightweight and has touch volume gestures on the headphones. It is very great quality headphones this is very worth looking for headphones if you can afford then you must buy these pairs of Sony 1000xm3 headphones for the price Rs.29,990 on Amazon India


4. Nimbus Wireless Controller

If you love playing games on your iPhone you should check the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless controller. Now we see controllers on the gaming consoles but it’s made for your iPhone and Apple TV and for the iPad we play some of the games on the touchscreen but some games are difficult to play on touch screen so we need a controller for it to play smoothly and the price of the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller is Rs.4.990 on Amazon India. It’s very comfortable on the hands and you will love the gaming experience


5. Dji Osmo 2/Zhiyun Smooth 4

Dji Osmo 2                                                                                       Zhiyun Smooth 4

If you love making videos and into Movie making you must try the Dji Osmo 2 or Zhiyun smooth 4 these are smartphone gimbal these are cost around Rs 10,000 in their price range. But they are the great tool for making videos from your phone and help to keep very stably and smooth and have some features allows you to get very good shots from your phone


6. Satechi Type-c Travel Charger

The  Satechi Type-C 75W Travel Charger this will allow your phone to fast charge. Unfortunately, the new Apple iPhone’s does not comes with fast chargers so you should buy these separately Satechi type-c travel charger if you want the advantage of that feature. it is worth taking advantage of that feature it comes with 3 extras USB ports one of them is fast charge point to be know you can charge more pieces of stuff from another USB ports it is easy to store in your bag pack or your pocket if you want to take advantage of this product you will need to be made by apple a us-c to lightning cable to able to charge the travel charger


7. Audiomod Charging Case For iPhone Xs

This the awesome case this does not only protect your phone this has the builtin battery 4600 mAh this will able to charge your phone if you keep this on it will give you double the battery life. In fact, it has built-in headphone jack this the good feature to see built in the phone because unfortunately iPhone Xs and Xs Max no longer coming with a dongle for the headphone lovers it is very nice option to get builtin headphone jack in audiomod charging case


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